11 Linköping

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Births (23)

Name Location Date
Greta Maria Adamsdotter Uddewalla 1744-12-09
Johan Jonsson Lilla Ullevi 1748-12-25
Cajsa S:t Lars 1773-??-??
Catrina Linköping 1774-??-??
Maja Stina S:t Lars 1780-??-??

Baptisms (3)

Name Location Date
Greta Maria Adamsdotter S:t Lars 1744-12-16
Anders Jonsson Utter Shäf Sund S:t Lars 1789-02-15
Thilda Charlotta Linköping 1876-03-16

Persons that lived here (31)

Here you can see the people that has lived here and the exact location they lived in. We have only added this information for a few people, so more people than the ones listed below could have lived here. For example, the people listed under "Births" and "Deaths" has most likely also lived here for a while.
Name Location From date To date
Eric Göte Johansson Garvaregatan 18 1960-??-??
Siv Annita Margareta Johansson Garvaregatan 18 1960-??-??
Frida Constantia Pettersson Roback Valla sjukhem 1987-01-01
Anna Catharina Jonsdotter Stora Ullevi 1871-11-24 1873-??-??
Oscar Herman Edoff Linköping 1898-10-18 1903-10-19