162 Djursdala

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Births (55)

Name Location Date
Karin Hansdotter Dyk Djursdala 1629-??-??
Daniel Djursdala 1697-07-18
Isak Djursdala 1703-06-28
Daniel Djursdala 1707-08-25
Kerstin Djursdala 1707-08-25

Deaths (33)

Name Location Date
Laurentius Jonae Wigius Orremåla 1694-??-??
Carin Jönsdotter Djursdala 1737-06-30
Nils Jonsson Gransebo 1740-05-17
Olof Spaak Orremåla 1749-04-07
Erik (Erich) Nilsson Snokebo 1751-04-04

Burials (2)

Name Location Date
Samuel Nilsson Djursdala 1824-05-09
Karl Johan Alfred Stål Djursdala 1905-05-24

Persons that lived here (1)

Here you can see the people that has lived here and the exact location they lived in. We have only added this information for a few people, so more people than the ones listed below could have lived here. For example, the people listed under "Births" and "Deaths" has most likely also lived here for a while.
Name Location From date To date
Jonas Jonsson Djursdala fattighus 1881-??-?? 1885-06-15

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