Maja Christina Petersdotter

Because this person has been married she could also have been known as Maja Christina Andersson.

Born 1859-11-27
Location: Kimme Västergård
Baptized 1859-11-28
Died 1945-01-26
Age: 85 years
Location: Veta Västergård
Buried 1945-02-07
Location: Veta Kyrkogård


Name Peter Andersson
Born 1828-08-26
Died 1900-12-27
Name Carolina Andersdotter
Born 1823-02-02
Died 1862-05-22


With Location Date Divorced
Karl Fredrik Andersson Skärkind 1889-05-11


Name Father Born Died
Anna Maria Andersson Karl Fredrik Andersson 1890-05-05 1928-08-25
Axel Teodor Karlsson Karl Fredrik Andersson 1891-09-30 1960-03-21
Karl Anton Andersson Karl Fredrik Andersson 1896-07-18 1965-10-14

Other information

Flyttade till Lycke som piga 1884 , sen till Simonstorp i Skärkind som piga 2 nov 1887. Flyttade till Stocksätter 1889. Hon har också bott på Kimme Västergård. Hon begravdes på Veta Kyrkogård avd. F grav nr. 42

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