Johanna Joakimsdotter

Because this person has been married she could also have been known as Johanna Jönsson.

Born 1834-04-10
Location: Blåsten
Baptized 1834-04-13
Died 1909-03-26
Age: 74 years
Location: Stocksätter
Death cause: Slaganfall
Buried 1909-04-02


Name Joachim Jönsson
Born 1789-01-11
Died 1874-06-21
Name Lena Maja Jonsdotter
Born 1796-06-13
Died 1870-07-15


Name Father Mother Born Died
Anders Joachim Jönsson Lena Maja Jonsdotter 1819-01-10


With Location Date Divorced
Anders Jönsson Gistad 1854-10-01


Name Father Born Died
Karl Fredrik Andersson Anders Jönsson 1855-07-11 1940-02-09
Sofia Charlotta Anders Jönsson 1859-11-28 1883-04-30
Anders Viktor Anders Jönsson 1867-09-15
Johanna Lovisa Anders Jönsson 1872-02-18 1872-02-28
Anna Matilda Anders Jönsson 1874-12-08 1878-12-22

Other information

Flyttade från Gistad till Stocksätter i Skärkind 1854.

Har bland annat bott på Blåsten i Gistad och Stocksätter i Skärkind.

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